January 21, 2012

We launch our new website

Well, it's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to announce the launch of our new website.  As you know, we were acquired by Baker & Taylor in December 2009 and re-branded when we moved to our Brookvale premises in May 2010.  But alas the website was not able to be refreshed at the time.  It had become old, tired, and hard to update.  So we decided to look at other options.....

One of them was Silverstripe, which was eventually chosen as the content management system for the site.  We worked with b-side design on the look and feel, and a few months later - TA-DA! - we have our new website.

IT Staff working on JBO took the opportunity to give it a facelift at the same time.  Gone are the old Bennett greens:

Replaced with the new palette

The website itself has progressed.  Here's a "shocker" from 2006. We were obviously trying to put a lot of information on the site, including bestsellers from one of the major book chains.  And there was even an online version of Suduku posted there! 

Over the years we've modified and updated, but nothing this major.  We're proud of the new site which is much cleaner, fresher, and professional:

For our marketing staff, the new website means they can add files and content quickly for our customers - whether it's a special promotion or a selection list.  Look closely - there's even the odd Look Inside the Book there and we'll be working with our publishing partners on more features as we go along.

You can read the official welcome from Mr Chris von Hinckeldey, our Managing Director here.  And if you would like to provide some feedback on the new website, we encourage you to fill in our online form here.

The blog itself will be moving to the new website - you'll find the new Bennett Blog at:


but we'll work out a way to keep you informed on blog posts on this existing site.  We thank you all for following us here on Blogger.  In a relatively short time we had over 14,000 views so we were obviously doing something right!  Let's hope we can continue doing that over at the new website.  Come and play with us there.