April 12, 2011

Keesing's World News Archive: providing your library with a trusted comprehensive source for research and fact checking

James Bennett is pleased to announce that Keesing's World News Archive has been added to the eResources stable.

Scholars and librarians agree that Keesing’s World News Archive is the most efficient  and cost effective way to research world events. Published since 1931, Keesing’s has been serving scholars, students, writers and reference librarians with factual information on the most important political, social and economic events by providing carefully vetted, accurate, objective and concise reports from every part of the world.  
Written for the permanent record and with no political or advertising masters to appease, Keesing’s is a uniquely neutral and accurate source of information. Keesing’s is used in more than 80 countries by academics, businesses and governments seeking to get quick access to important historical background. The entire 80 year, 100,000+ article archive is available with either an annual or perpetual license. And it’s updated each month with more than 55,000 words in at least 150 articles. 

  • Internationalism: Keesing’s is committed to providing comprehensive information on all regions of the world, covering all major developments in all countries.
  • Accuracy: their reputation for accuracy, preserved and nurtured since Keesing's was first published in 1931, is their greatest asset. They work with the benefit of greater hindsight than that enjoyed by newspapers or the electronic media and thus have more time for checking facts and authenticating information.
  • Objectivity: Keesing’s aim to be as objective as is humanly possible. They do not editorialise and they do not pass judgement upon the events which they record. The organisation is totally independent, with no political agenda to promote and no external commercial interests to placate.
  • Permanence: Keesing’s is not producing disposable news. They are writing "for the record", and thereby providing a "first take on history". They do not sensationalise or distort for the sake of creating a eye-catching headline. Their aim is to establish the truth, to present it clearly, and to preserve it for future generations of researchers. 
The result of this process is that the Keesing's World News Archive contains a wealth of hard information: news upon which you can rely.

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We look forward to being of service to your library.

April 6, 2011

Help your library deliver new services and remain relevant in the digital age

The Tech Set, created and edited by Ellyssa Kroski and co-published by Facet Publishing and Neal-Schuman Publishers, was recently awarded the 2011 Greenwood Publishing Group Award for Best Book in Library Literature by the American Library Association. As per the press release from CILIP the Award committee praised the “creative, innovate approach” of this ten-volume set that shows librarians how to employ new technologies to create, deliver, and market new user services.

Covering topics such as social networking, mobile technologies, blogging, webcasts, gaming, and other current technologies that aid and improve libraries, each book is supported with an author wiki containing new advice and recommended resources and a podcast where authors discuss their books, current research, and the latest developments in their fields.

These practical, fast-paced guides will have librarians ready to implement all the essential technologies and tools they need to deliver outstanding new services and remain relevant in the digital age.

A full list of titles is provided here:

Next-Gen Library Catalogs  Marshall Breeding
Today’s web-savvy users often bypass traditional library catalogues for more interactive, tech-friendly interfaces. Help your library stand out within the crowded landscape of information providers with this new, highly practical guide to interactive next generation library catalogues. ISBN: 9781856047210

Mobile Technology and Libraries  Jason Griffey
Mobile technology is fast becoming the preferred method for connecting to the Internet. Librarians must keep pace with this trend and integrate themselves into the mobile realm if they wish to deliver enhanced user services. This is a practical, easy-to-follow new resource that will walk you through the start-to-finish steps for strengthening your library’s mobile presence. ISBN: 9781856047227

Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries  Robin M Hastings
Microblogging and lifestreaming applications like Twitter, Tumblr, and FriendFeed are all around you and your users in everyday life. This is a practical primer to help any library transform these cuttingedge, budget-friendly services into highly effective professional tools. ISBN: 9781856047234

Library Videos and Webcasts   Sean Robinson
Online video and imaging software gives you the opportunity to communicate with your library users 24/7—but getting started can be intimidating. This book has the building blocks you need to effectively, affordably, and easily create and broadcast highquality webcasts to your library users, staff and the social networking sites beyond.  ISBN: 9781856047241
Wikis for Libraries  Lauren Pressley
Wikis have emerged as powerful platforms for facilitating and improving communication and collaboration between library staff, users, and professional peers. Whether you are a wiki novice or a seasoned pro, this book will enable you to build wikis to support special events, serve as a library instruction tool, create valuable online resources—to name a few applications of this popular collaboration tool. ISBN: 9781856047258

Technology Training in Libraries   Sarah Houghton-Jan
Your library plays a crucial role as your community’s epicentre for technology whether you provide skill building resources, free access to the Web, or both. To deliver top service to your web-savvy users, you and your staff must stay up-to-date with the latest technology skills and trends. This book presents practical guidance so you can implement a low-cost, comprehensive staff technology training program. ISBN: 9781856047265

A Social Networking Primer for Libraries  Cliff Landis
Social networking is rapidly infiltrating the information environment, and it is essential that librarians understand how best to use these sites and tools with their work to better serve their users and reach people who have never before used the library. This book provides easy-to-follow guidelines for using MySpace, Facebook, and other prominent sites as a way to expand and improve crucial library functions. ISBN: 9781856047272

Library Camps and Unconferences  Steve Lawson
More and more libraries are working to organise their own library camps or ‘unconferences’ - open, friendly and refreshingly informal gatherings for librarians to unite, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. This book provides you with the guidance you need to bring your vision of organising a library camp to life. ISBN: 9781856047289

Gaming in Libraries   Kelly Czarnecki
Whether gaming is already a crucial part of your library’s core services or it’s only just been introduced, this do-it-yourself new resource will give you the practical tools you need to organise, implement, and market successful gaming events for users of all ages. ISBN: 9781856047296

Effective Blogging for Libraries   Connie Crosby
Renowned library blogger, speaker, and educator Connie Crosby shares her experience and expertise in this step-by-step guide to successful library blogging. This is the go-to resource for any librarian in search of practical, easy-to-implement instruction for creating and managing a winning library blog. ISBN: 9781856047302

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